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Finding the perfect colour match for your foundation can sometimes be a thing of nightmares. And when you do finally find a shade that comes close after dozens of trials, the foundation often offers either too little or too much coverage for your liking, breaks you out or dries out your skin. It’s not an easy task! That is until DCYPHER comes to the rescue with their award winning customisable foundation.

When selecting a foundation shade, there are two things to always keep in mind. The most obvious one is the actual tone of your skin (from very fair to very dark) and the second one would the undertones (from very cool to very warm). With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why finding a perfect shade match is so difficult.

How Does DCYPHER’s Customisable Foundation Work?

We were lucky enough at The Women’s Journal to have tried DCYPHER’s foundation and technology and we have to admit, we were super impressed. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes. You have to use their online colour matching tool with no makeup on and in natural light for reliable results. You then select what your skin type is, what coverage you like (from very sheer to high-coverage) and the finish that you prefer (from dewy to matte). The DCYPHER team will then send you a sample of your foundation by post and if you’re happy with it and it’s the right match, just let them know and they will send you your full size foundation. If you’re not quite convinced by your sample, you can let them know and update the formula.

As soon as I received my sample of the DCYPHER customisable foundation, I was blown away at how exact the colour match was. I must say I was a little sceptical at first and I really did wonder how good the colour match would be from a picture. But it’s so spot on, I can barely see where I’m spreading it when applying. It’s also great to find out more about your skin tone ( I always thought I had a fair complexion with a slightly warmer under tone but turns out my undertone is a bit more cool).

DCYPHER Custom Foundation | £28


DCYPHER was founded to address the need for completely customisable foundation. With hundreds of brands and thousands of shades, it can be a real minefield to navigate only to have a product that comes close to your requirements.

Dr Claire, one of the co-founders has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and believes that every person should feel great about the way they look. And Adam, the second co-founder is responsible for the technology parts of DCYPHER. Everything from formulating new products to developing the machines which make our custom foundations.

The technology that DCYPHER uses to make you your perfect shade match is their own patent pending blending machines to make every item of makeup to order and fit your exact beauty code. It runs on technology that’s unique to DCYPHER, making each product one-at-a-time with drop by drop accuracy.

What Can I Customise?

As someone who uses foundation very sparingly (I prefer sheer coverage and a slightly dewy finish), I was delighted to find that the shade wasn’t the only thing you could customise. With DCYPHER’s, you can customise four elements of your foundation: the tone, the under-tone, the coverage and the finish.

This means you could choose to have a foundation for everyday wear that has a more sheer coverage and another one for nights out with slightly more coverage. And if you’re the type of person who tans a lot in the summer and loses all colour comes winter (like me) you can also do a new colour match comes summer.

DCYPHER Custom Coverage Drops | £25
DCYPHER Professional Complexion Brush Set | £25

What Products Does DCYPHER Offer?

At the moment, DCYPHER offer the Custom Foundation and the Custom Coverage Drops. Both products are customisable and have amazing reviews. They also offer a brush set and options for gift certificates; perfect with Christmas just around the corner.

We truly can’t wait to see more customisable products from DCYPHER in the future, hopefully even concealers or mineral powders for example. The sky is the limit!


  • Violette Kraemer

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