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New female-founded beauty brand, Boop, is reshaping our approach to beauty consumption in an industry rife with waste. With an estimated 90 million beauty products discarded annually in the UK, the call for change, and the ‘too good to go’ for beauty products, is undeniable.

The brand new beauty-saving website Boop saves imperfect and excess beauty products from landfill and gives you the chance to snap up mid to high-end beauty products for up to 50% off their retail price – saving you money and saving the planet at the same time.

In the beauty industry, overproduction accounts for 6.2% of discarded goods, while 10% of beauty products go to waste in brands’ supply chains, so a platform like Boop is no doubt needed to curb our beauty waste problem.

95% of consumers say that they’d purchase imperfect stock, but there’s currently nothing available on the beauty market that serves as an outlet for premium imperfects and excess stock – until now.

The Outnet For Beauty

Dubbed ‘The Outnet for beauty’, Boop works just like fashion resale websites, sourcing excess or obsolete premium beauty products directly from brands and retailers, and selling them on to customers for up to 50% off their usual retail price.

The products can have anything from imperfect packaging with labels stuck on at the wrong angle or an old version of a formula to simply being slow-moving stock or an unwanted return.

Shoppers can buy Aromatherapy Associates products at 40% off, simply because the items come without their box, get their favourite John Masters Organics shampoo at 50% off because it’s being discontinued, or pick up Indi’s cult sleep remedy, Rest, for 30% off because the packaging is getting a

But you don’t have to worry about the safety of beauty seconds, since Boop checks all of its products for quality control to make sure they’re still safe to use and deliver the results they promise.

Speaking about the launch, Boop’s founder, Yasmine Amr said: “I wanted to create The Outnet for beauty with Boop. Selling those items which the beauty sector assumes are undesirable, but which people love!

“There are existing channels for brands to get rid of excess stock, but nothing currently focuses on premium and beauty well.”

Boop also donates its too-good-to-go beauty products to charities like Kind Direct, Beauty Banks and The Hygiene Bank to help treat those who can’t access them and help them feel their best, too.

Woman's Hand With Cream - Boop Luxury Beauty For Less
Fiils Refillable Travel Bottles Available on Boop Beauty Resale Website

Luxury Beauty For Less

Speaking exclusively to The Women’s Journal, Boop’s founder, Yasmine Amr said: “With Boop, we’re trying to shift attitudes in the beauty sector to show brands and shoppers that these much-loved premium products are still valuable.

“Whether the brand has made too much, discontinued, changed its packaging, or if the outer box is missing. It’s really the product itself that matters! If that’s safe to use and delivers the same results, why should it go to waste?”

“As consumers, we know waste is an issue, and we’re under pressure every day to be more sustainable, but it’s very difficult for us to achieve that without the right avenues giving us those more sustainable options. Other industries like food and fashion have an outlet, second hand and less-than-perfect options, but so far this has been missing for premium beauty & wellness.

“When we spoke to brands about Boop we got the same reaction every time, ‘we’re surprised something like Boop doesn’t already exist!’

She added: “Coupled with the cost-of-living crisis, we saw this as an obvious appetite to satisfy – reducing waste by getting premium products into shoppers’ hands, all the while offering the best prices and allowing women to continue enjoying those little luxuries.”

Boop Best-Selling Beauty Products - Sustainable Beauty Brands

Boop Beauty – Bridging the gap for brands and consumers

“Selling imperfect and excess stock has taken other sectors by storm,” explains Yasmine. “It’s been amazing to hear directly from premium brands about how they are struggling to figure out how to deal with their excess and obsolete stock – and seeing their enthusiasm for Boop has been super encouraging. They are actively looking for a solution and there are very limited options available, so I know Boop could really help.”

And when it comes to consumers, Boop is also filling a gap. Yasmine continues: “I’ve been amazed to learn what the various symbols on cosmetics mean and I think that many consumers don’t realise what these represent and how they help to provide insights into the shelf life or expiry of their cosmetics.”

“Consumers and brands are becoming far more conscious of sustainability and don’t really care if their product is a discontinued formulation, doesn’t look perfect or displays old branding – as long as it works.

“With Boop, I strongly feel that brand value can be preserved while being honest about issues within the beauty sector.”


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