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If you’re looking for the best hair colourists in London, look no further. The city of London boasts a variety of salons that cater to every style and preference, from subtle highlights and balayage to bold hair colour transformations. But with so much choice, it can be difficult to find the right hair colourist for you. Whether you live in the city or are a visitor, we’ve rounded up the best hair colourists in London for their expertise and unique styles to simplify your search.

Why Finding the Right Hair Colourist in London Matters

Personalisation and Expertise

The difference between a good hair day and a great hair life often lies in your hair colourist’s hands. The right colourist will not only consider your hair’s health and style, but also your lifestyle and maintenance preferences; personalisation and expertise are key.

The Importance of Technique and Product Knowledge

The best colourists have a deep understanding of colouring techniques as well as product knowledge. They know that the right shade can accentuate your features and boost your confidence, while the wrong shade can do the exact opposite.

London’s Best Hair Colourists

The Balayage Expert – Moe Harb at Beauty Club London

Moe Harb Hair Colour Specialist Balayage Expert London - Best Hair Colourists London

As the number one expert in balayage, Moe creates sun-kissed highlights that appear effortless and is a master at blending shades for flawless natural-looking results.

The Creative Colour Specialist – Nicole Kahlani at Bleach London

If you’re looking for something beyond the traditional, Bleach London is your go-to. From bold hair colour and vivid hues to pastel tones, Bleach London’s colourists push the boundaries of hair colouring with their innovative techniques.

The Celebrity Favourite – Shady Harb at Beauty Club London

Known for his celebrity clients and influencers alike, Shady is is the go-to celebrity hair colourist for those looking to make a bold statement or to gracefully reinvent their look each season.

The Blonde Whisperer – Jo Hansford at Jo Hansford London

From platinum blonde to honey blonde, Jo Hansford has earned their title of one of the best hair colourists in London by mastering the spectrum of blonde shades.

The Eco-Friendly Colourist – Adem Oygur at Adem London

For those conscious about the environment, Adem uses sustainable practices and his own range of products made from hazelnuts. Adem proves that hair and beauty as well as responsibility can go hand-in-hand.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hair Colourist

Portfolio and Specialisations

Ensure you review a colourist’s portfolio and hair colour specialisations. This will give you an idea of their expertise and whether they align with your vision and aesthetic.

Reviews and Recommendations

Online reviews and word-of-mouth feedback are great sources of information. Make sure they come from clients who have similar hair types and colouring goals as you.

Salon Location and Atmosphere

The salon’s environment can have a significant impact on how you feel about your experience. Find a hair colour salon that makes you feel comfortable and displays the quality of service you expect, whether it’s corporate or more laid-back.

Price and Value

When it comes to hair colouring, price is an important consideration, but so is the quality of the service – the cheapest hair colour option isn’t always the best.

Best Hair Colourists London - Hair Colour Expert Moe Harb Highlights

Preparing for Your Hair Colour Appointment

Consultation Tips

A consultation can make or break your colouring experience. Be clear about your expectations and listen to your colourist’s professional opinion.

Hair Health and Maintenance

Healthy hair holds colour better and looks brighter. Follow your colourist’s advice on pre-appointment treatments and maintenance.

Trends in Hair Colouring

Popular Techniques and Styles

From balayage to ombre, and hidden rainbow colours, staying informed about the latest trends can inspire your next hair transformation.

Emerging Trends in Hair Colour

Keep an eye out for the latest in hair colour innovation. Techniques that offer more natural results and longer-lasting colour are on the rise.

How to Maintain Your Hair Colour

Products and Treatments

Invest in quality products and regular treatments recommended by your colourist to extend your hair colour life and keep your hair healthy.

Home Hair Colour Care Tips

Simple home care routines can significantly impact the longevity and vibrancy of your hair colour. Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive heat styling.


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