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When was the last time period care products got a much needed update? From sustainability, to comfort and breaking down taboos around menstruation, we have rounded up some incredible period brands doing things differently.

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Born out of a desire to destigmatise periods and menstrual care products, Ohne is the lovechild of uni best friends Leah and Nikki. The no bullsh**t brand is a real breath of fresh air that offers a range of period and wellness products from tampons, pads, periods pants, sex toys, cups, lubricants and wellness supplements. Ohne has over the years created a real community to vet every single product before making it available on the website.

What we love: their website offers a ‘women-owned’ filter for the brands they stock and they donate 1% of your order to the non-profit organisation of your choice.

Ohne Yours Hormonally Supplement | £29.50
Maude Vibe Personal Massager | £43


Tired of the high-street period products available full of plastic, chemicals and stigma which are bad for women and the environment, Dame was launched by Celia Pool and Alec Mills in an effort to revolutionise the industry. And it’s clear to see the challenge was more than met! Their range of products from reusable pads to tampons and reusable applicators, mean many women have been able to ditch single use period products for good.

What we love: the sustainable efforts means the brand has managed to single handily save over 18 million tampon applicators and 4 million disposable pads from going to landfill. We also love that the brand is transparent about their efforts to make their period products more affordable in the future and therefore more easily accessible to a wider public.

Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator Set | £24.99
Dame Reusable Periods Pads | from £9.99


Launched by Valentina Milanova in 2018, Daye’s products are rooted in science and always putting women’s comfort first. Offering the world’s first CBD infused tampons, the brand works closely with their medical advisory board and a select group of clinical institutions to ensure their research gets an expert seal of approval. With products ranging from period care, to CBD balms and even an at-home vaginal microbiome screening test, Daye helps you have a feel-good period at last.

What we love: their tried and tested CBD coated tampons which help greatly at reducing period cramps.

Daye CBD Coated Tampons | From £11.16 for pack of 12
Daye CBD Balm | £29.95


Totm is shaking up the period industry for good! On a mission to normalise period talk and providing ethical, sustainable and high-quality period care products, the brand offers organic cotton pads, tampons liners and reusable cups. Since its launch, Totm has managed to 2.3 million periods more sustainable (as of January 2023).

Why we love it: we love the brand’s transparency and their no taboo approach to period talk. We also love their workplace scheme which companies can sign-up to to offer free period provision for their employees in the office.

Totm Organic Cotton Pads | from £2.80 for packs of 8
Totm Applicator Tampons | from £2.66 for pack of 14


On a mission to end panicked sprints to the bathroom, sweaters tied around waists, and sleeping on towels, Saalt is all about extreme comfort and reliability for their menstrual cups and leakproof underwear. The brand is all about reusable period products and a waste less approach to periods that has grown a cult-following. Last but certainly not least on our list of period brands doing things differently!

Why we love it: we love the branding and the extreme comfort of their menstrual cup and period underwear. Let’s face it, periods are uncomfortable enough as it is so it was about time women got a little comfort.

Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup | £29
Saalt Leakproof Mesh Hipster Regular | £36

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