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Did you know that women are particularly prone to deficiencies in iron, vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium among many others? It’s therefore no surprise that up to 63% of women report regularly supplementing their diets, particularly the older they get. Whether you’re looking to increase your energy levels and immune system, balance your hormones, aid digestion and bloating, help sleep or improve the look of your skin, supplements can play an integral part in promoting women’s wellbeing in addition to a healthy and balance lifestyle. That’s why we have personally tried a huge range of supplements to bring you our list of the Best British Supplements For Women we recommend trying for yourself.

Best British Supplements Reviews For Women

Best supplement for women’s digestion: Myota Health

Myota is the only U.K. fibre blend that takes gut microbiome variability into account. With three fiber supplements to choose from (Gut Booster, Immunity Booster and Metabolic Booster), all formulations are backed with actual medical research, from microbiome sequencing to analytical chemistry and machine learning.

“We’ve created a unique set of fibre blends that have potent anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, our own research shows that different people produce different quantities of SCFAs from the same fibre.”

Myota’s website

“As someone who has always suffered from IBS and was diagnosed with a poor gut microbiome a few years ago, getting enough fiber in my diet has always been a challenge. I knew that fiber would help my symptoms in the long-run but in the short term, it made my symptoms worse (hence why the only thing that seemed to give me relief was a low fodmap diet). A lot of the fiber supplements I had tried to improve my gut health ended up unfinished in a cupboard as they just didn’t agree with me. That is until I tried Myota’s Gut Booster powder which is guaranteed low fodmap. After only 4 weeks of taking it daily, my previous IBS symptoms are diminished by about 80% and my energy levels are up. It has allowed me to slowly reintroduce more fiber into my diet without the dreaded stomach cramps.”

Violette | Co-founder The Women’s Journal

The Women’s Journal readers can use the code MYOTAWOMAN15 for 15% off any of the fibre blends (subscriptions and one-offs)

Myota Gut Booster Supplement
Myota Gut Booster | from £37
per pack
Myota Immunity Booster Supplement
Myota Immunity Booster Supplement | from £37 per pack
Myota Metabolic Booster Supplement
Myota Metabolic Booster | from £37
per pack

Best super green supplement for women: Free Soul

If you’re a fan of your morning green smoothie or a just looking for a great all-rounder green supplement, Free Soul‘s FS-Greens is the one for you. It is packed with 21 natural and nutrient-dense greens & nutritious superfoods including Spinach, Kale, Spirulina, Maca, Wheatgrass and Green Tea. With one easy serving daily, it’s a super convenient way to supplement your nutrition to support your energy, immunity and digestion.

“The perfect proportions of superfoods and greens to support female wellness. Key ingredients such as KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Golden Kiwi, & Maca have been added to support hormones, improve digestion and reduce bloating.”

Free Soul website

“With my wedding around the corner and my energy levels needing a little boost, I have started taking FS-Greens every single morning for the last 4 weeks with either water and a little lemon juice or included in a green smoothie. I have noticed reduced bloating compared to days without it and overall, my energy levels are much improved. I’ve also noticed clearer skin and less inflammation which is great bonus!”

Violette | Co-founder The Women’s Journal

The Women’s Journal readers can use the discount code WOMENSJOURNAL15 for 15% off until the end of 2023. Can only be used once per customer.

Free Soul FS-Greens Supplement Powder for Women
Free Soul FS-Greens Supplement Powder | from £24

Best energy supplement and vitamin D for women: Wild Nutrition

Winter has finally come to an end, leaving room for the much welcome Spring and Summer months ahead. However, many of us are coming through the other end with seriously low energy levels. From the lack of sunshine, to longer nights and more time spent indoors, our bodies need a little boost to start this new season. Enter Wild Nutrition! Their expertise is rooted in nature and backed by science and their supplements on offer range from energy, sleep, energy support, digestion, beauty & much more.

“We create products with purpose, backed by science, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality. Wild Nutrition supplements are now stocked in more than 50 countries around the world, with a UK-based team committed to transforming lives through better nutrition – our formulas help people of all ages to live life in balance.”

Wild Nutrition website

“I have tried a range of supplements from Wild Nutrition including their Food-Grown Energy Support supplement which contains a mixture of various B vitamins, Niacin, Zinc, Iodine and Pantothenic Acid. After 4 weeks and comparing a few days with and few days without the supplement, I can confirm my energy levels are already much improved. In addition to this, I have also tried their Food-Grown Magnesium for mental resilience and their Food-Grown Vitamin-D supplement for immunity and have noticed equally promising improvements in my energy levels. As recommended by my GP I take Vitamin D supplement from October to March every year and this will definitely become a staple in my winter routine.”

Violette | Co-founder The Women’s Journal

The Women’s Journal readers can use the discount code WILDWOMENSJOURNAL for 10% off until the end of April 2023.

Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Energy Support
Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Energy Support | from £15
Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Magnesium
Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Magnesium | from £10.48
Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Vitamin D
Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Vitamin D | from £9.28

Best brain focus supplement: HUX

Suffering from brain-fog and finding it hard to focus? You’re not alone. Did you know that 46.9% of our days are spent with our minds wandering away from a task at hand? Nootropics by HUX contains the highest quality, clinically backed ingredients to support brain function. This includes Citicoline which is proven to raise levels of important neurotransmitters, increase mental energy, and protect the brain from damage and ageing. Additionally, Lions Mane which has been shown to help stimulate the growth of brain cells and boost memory as well as your mood.

“HUX Nootropics contains the highest quality, clinically backed ingredients to support brain function, ensuring you are at your optimum today and looking after your brain for tomorrow.”

HUX website

“Working from home or remotely in a coffee shop comes with its benefits but also its downside. To get anything done, you have to keep focused which is easier said than done when you suffer from brain fog and lack of energy. I have taken Nootropics for a few weeks on days where I know I have to hit the ground running and be on my A-game and the difference is noticeable. I find myself with a clearer and sharper mind, more focus and with more mental energy.”

Violette | Co-founder The Women’s Journal

The Women’s Journal readers can use the discount code DAILYEDGE for 20% off their order.

HUX Nootropics Supplement
HUX Nootropics | £45

Best PMS supplement for women: April

Over 90% of women of reproductive age report suffering from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) with symptoms ranging from low mood, acne, anxiety, sore breasts, lack of energy, headaches, bloating & more. It’s no wonder therefore that so many of us are after a supplement to help alleviate some of these monthly symptoms. April offers supplements meant to support concerns ranging from sleep, vaginal health, immunity, beauty, stress and focus.

“With the help of expert nutritionists and scientists, and with real people in mind – we crafted supplements that support your specific needs. No standard formulas. carefully selected ingredients. All vegan.”

April website

“I am one of the 90% of women who suffers from PMS. It generally manifests itself with low-mood, anxiety, acne, bloating and sore breasts. After taking April’s PMS supplement for over a month and in the week leading up to my last period, I have had a noticeable reduction in my physical symptoms and will most definitely continue taking this going forward. I can’t say that I have had a big change in my mental symptoms however it has been a stressful month so that might be to blame! I have also tried out their beauty and sleep supplement and they have been equally great.”

Violette | Co-founder The Women’s Journal

Use discount code APRIL20 for 20% off the first order/ valid until end of April 2023.

April All The Feels PMS Supplement
April All The Feels PMS | £15.95
April Club Calm Stress Sleep Supplement
April Club Calm | £16.95
April Glow Service Beauty Supplement
April Glow Service | from £15.95

Best collagen supplement for women: SKINGLO

We couldn’t skip collagen in our Best British Supplements For Women round-up. The protein is responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. Sadly for us, collagen can start naturally declining from our mid-twenties to 30 years of age which is when you may notice fine lines settling in and this declines even more rapidly from menopause onwards. More and more women are reaching for their collagen supplements to counter act this natural phenomenon and for good reason. Several large scale studies measuring skin elasticity have shown promising results and indicate that supplementing with an oral collagen supplement was beneficial.

“By the age of 30, your skin is missing 10% of the collagen it once had. This collagen decline continues year by year, which can leave your skin feeling dull and flat, with fine lines and wrinkles more prominent. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take control and age gracefully with SKINGLO. Our collagen drinks replenish your body’s natural collagen supply, reversing the appearance of fine lines, restoring volume to your skin, and brightening your complexion. In your late 20s, 30s, and beyond, collagen supplements are a skincare must-have.”

Skinglo website
Skinglo Marine Collagen Supplement for Women
Skinglo Marine Collagen Supplement | £34.98
Skinglo Vegan Collagen Supplement
Skinglo Vegan Collagen Supplement | £34.99
Skinglo Collagen Supplement for Men
Skinglo Collagen Supplement for Men | £34.99

Best ground breaking new supplement: Advanced Nutrition Programme

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night, you will be exposed to blue light. From your mobile phone, to television, laptop and even natural sunlight. Lorraine Perretta, Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme says about blue light and its effects on the skin:

“The majority of blue light comes from the sun. Up to 30% of sunlight is composed of blue light, while UV is only 5%. However, many individuals are often more focused on the blue light from electronic devices. Blue light exposure, especially from the sun, has a negative impact on the skin – it can contribute to damaging collagen and elastin, which may result in fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging skin. Melanocyte cells can also be damaged, which contributes to discolouration, brown spots, and pigmentation.”

Lorraine Perretta Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition’s cutting edge research has lead to the development of their brand new Skin Blue Filter supplement. During their pilot study of 56 days with a total of 16 people (13 women and 3 men), the following results were achieved: hydration improved by 17%, 16% improvement in wrinkles and redness decreased by 19%.

READ MORE: Blue Light And Skin Damage: Everything You Need To Know

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter Supplement
Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Blue Filter Supplement | £48

Best sleep supplement for women: Form Nutrition

Poor sleep affects us in many ways: from our mental health, to hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, libido, metabolism and immunity. And with 1 out of 5 people in the U.K. not getting enough sleep and 1 in 7 surviving on dangerously low levels of sleep (under 5 hours), it’s no wonder so many of us are reaching for supplements to help us get a good night sleep. In honour of sleep awareness week earlier this month, we thought we would try Form Nutrition’s ZZZZ supplement to see how it matched up with others.

“ZZZZ’s is a nootropic sleep supplement to help you make the most of your days by naturally supporting a regenerative sleep. Centred around 5-HTP, calming amino acids and essential dietary minerals magnesium and zinc, ZZZZs works to address any deficiencies that may be affecting your sleep and by calming and relaxing to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.”

Form Nutrition website

We took Form Nutrition’s ZZZZ supplement on and off for a few weeks to see if we could see a difference in our quality of sleep. And overall, we did feel a noticeable difference in our sleep quality on days where we took the supplement 30-minutes before bed. Our sleep was less interrupted with less tossing and turning and we felt overall more refreshed in the morning.

Form Nutrition ZZZZ Sleep Supplement
Form Nutrition ZZZZ Sleep Supplement | £19

Best menopause supplement: Equi London

With the arrival of peri-menopause and menopause comes a range of symptoms ranging from hot flashes, weight gain, low mood and anxiety, sleeping difficulty, vaginal dryness, dull and dry skin, loss of libido and issues with concentration among others. This is due to the natural decline in reproductive hormones (oestrogen and progesterone). And whilst symptoms vary from one women to the next, it’s clear that this is a stage in a woman’s life that could do with some natural supplements to boost the female body when it’s in need of balance.

“Menopause comes at a time in life when we have developed much wisdom and are enjoying our strongest sense of self, yet this transition can often destabilise us overwhelmingly. In my clinic I speak to women suffering with a huge array of debilitating symptoms that impact on skin, mood, energy, libido, sleep and general wellbeing. I wanted to create a complete, highly nourishing formula that combines the very best standard of herbs, botanicals, minerals, antioxidants and female focussed probiotics that have been shown to help support women in this phase of their life.”

Alice Mackintosh | Regsistered Nutrional Therapist for Equi London
Equi London Menopause Supplement
Equi London Menopause Formula | from £46.75

Best PCOS Supplement For Women: MyOva

We couldn’t do a round of Best British Supplements For Women without including some supplements for PCOS, aka Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is a complex hormonal condition that impacts 10% of women of reproductive age. And whilst symptoms vary from one woman to another, it can cause irregular and painful periods, fertility issues, weight gain, acne, excessive hair growth and depression or anxiety. The exact cause of PCOS and why certain women develop the condition is yet unknown although it is thought to be related to abnormal hormonal levels. Simply put, when someone suffers from PCOS, their body is producing too much insulin and androgen hormones like testosterone. A number of recent studies have shown benefits of taking myo-inositol supplements to help with PCOS, in part due to its ability to improve insulin sensitivity and many testimonials online seem to corroborate this.

MyOva Myoplus PCOS Supplement
MyOva Myoplus PCOS Supplement |
from £28.80
MyOva Preconception Supplement PCOS
MyOva Preconception Supplement PCOS | from £32.40
Myota Metabolism PCOS Supplement
Myota Metabolism PCOS Supplement | from £31.50

Best supplement to reduce cortisol: Wild Nutrition

Cortisol, aka the stress hormone, is a hormone naturally produced by our adrenal glands in times of stress. Evolutionary, it is needed for our fight or flight response which is your healthy, natural response to perceived threats. The issue is that we live in a society where many of us suffer from dysregulated adrenal glands and our bodies now perceive threats like a late work deadline or an argument with a loved one as being deserving of a boost in cortisol. High cortisol levels have been linked with symptoms ranging from weight gain (particularly around the abdomen), acne, depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, loss of emotional control, decreased sex drive, high blood pressure and immune system dysfunction. And whilst managing stress levels by making adaptations to our life, practising mindfulness and meditation remain the most effect ways to deal with high cortisol, sometimes the body needs a little help to get down from this roller coaster. This is where Ashwagandha comes in.

“Our Ksm Ashwagandha is a really fantastic partnership between Ksm Ashwagandha, which is the most clinically proven, sustainable and traceable form of ashwagandha on the market, and our food growing magnesium. And the two make a really powerful combination to support the nervous system and to help our body weather stress. So the benefits of these are significant. Whether that’s you’re looking for improved sleep to support mood, hormone balance or the immune system, this powerful combination really helps to support all of those.”

Henrietta Norton | Co-Founder and Formulator at Wild Nutrition
Wild Nutrition KSM 66 Ashwagandha Cortisol Supplement
Wild Nutrition KSM 66 Ashwagandha Supplement | from £13.48

Best alpha-lipoic acid supplement:

Last on our list of Best British Supplements For Women is alpha-lipoic acid, aka ALA, is a co-enzyme and antioxidant naturally produced in small amounts by our bodies and converts glucose into energy. ALA fights free radicals which in turn help brain and nerve function, heart health and muscle recovery. Some studies have also shown alpha-lipoic acid being beneficial to those suffering from diabetes as it helps lower blood sugar levels, regulate insulin sensitivity and reduce nerve pain associated with diabetes.

Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement
Solgar Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement | £15.89

This article is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Products, services, information and other content provided in this article, including information that may be provided on this article directly or by linking to third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only. Please consult with a GP or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options.


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