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When it comes to running, some proper women’s running shoes are the one thing you don’t want to skimp on. That’s because investing in some good running shoes is an absolute must when it comes to correct alignment, reduced friction and impact. This in turn can not only improve your performance, but most importantly reduce the risk of injuries. Here’s the lowdown and our top pick of best women’s running shoes.

What is the difference between running shoes and trainers?

To put it simply, running shoes should only be used for running whilst trainers should only be used for everyday wear such a walking around town or going to the office. It’s therefore not advised to wear trainers when running. The reason for this is that trainers are not designed to correctly support your feet or reduce the impact caused by running. So when it comes to running, best to go to a specialised store to try on women’s running shoes. And because running shoes are not one size fits all, many stores also give you the opportunity to try the shoes on a treadmill before committing to a pair.

Which running shoes are best for beginners?

If you’re just getting into running, no need to spend hundreds of pounds on running shoes as there are some great models under £100. We recommend going into a store if possible to try them on but if that’s not possible, just make sure there’s a flexible return policy. This is because when it comes to running shoes, every woman will have different needs based on the shape of the feet, biomechanics (how your foot hits the pavement will differ for everyone) and of course, personal taste.

Here are some great women’s running shoes for beginners:

1. New Balance 520V7

New Balance 520V7 | £70

2. Nike Escape Run 2

Nike Escape Run 2 Women Running Shoes
Nike Escape Run 2 Women Running Shoes | £89.95

3. Adidas Puerboost 22

Adidas Pureboost 22 | £100

What is the best brand of women’s running shoes?

When it comes to best brands for women’s running shoes, the answer will vary depending on who you ask. However the ones that come most often to mind are usually Nike, New Balance, Adidas or Asics.

At The Women’s Journal we are strong believers in promoting women founded business or businesses with a woman CEO first whenever we can, so we do want to give a special mention to brands that offer great running shoes like Sweaty Betty, Veja and Arne.

Which brand offer the most comfortable running shoes?

When it comes to comfort, there isn’t always one size fits all. However some brands like Asics offer customers a foot analysis and running assessment in store to help you find the right running shoes for you.

Brands such as AllBirds or New Balance are also known for their comfort. The best solution is to dedicate a bit of time trying on different brands and finding the right shoes for you (Cinderella anyone?).

all-birds-tree -runners-kaikoura-white-best-women-running-shoes
All Birds Tree Runners in Kaikoura White | £95
New Balance Fresh Foam X Tempo V2 | £125

What running shoes are most popular?

It should come as no surprise that brands like Veja and New Balance are majorly trending at the moment. From Pinterest to the London tube, you just can’t miss them, they’re everywhere! And with good reason. Not only are they very comfortable and great running shoes, they also look great which is always a welcome bonus! Both brands do women’s running shoes as well as trendy trainers with so many styles to choose from.

Speaking of women’s shoes, check out our article on best women’s trainers here.


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