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Are you attending a special event or simply want to treat yourself occasionally to some designer pieces? Well if you can’t quite justify the price tag, renting designer clothes is a great way to treat yourself sustainably without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve scoured the Hurr designer rental website to bring you the best designer fashion pieces to rent from Hurr.

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The Best Designer Fashion To Rent From Hurr

How It Works

Scroll through making a selection of your favourite pieces (you can add items to your favourites for later). Items are available for rent for a period of 4, 8, 10 or 20 days. So whether you just need it for the weekend or for an upcoming holiday, you can choose what works best for you. Once you have paid for your item and delivery, this will be shipped to you and you will receive it along with a pre-paid return label. The item will then be dry cleaned ready for the next customer.


Hudson Maxi Dress Ivory

Solace London

From £309.80


Draped Fringe Wool Jacket


From £127.70


Noon Lemon Dress

Birger Christenssen

From £51.86


Nala in Gold

Cult Gaia

From £33.81


Triomphe Oval Sunglasses


From £41.70

“We’re changing the behaviours of fashion-lovers everywhere, and believe everyone should have access to high-quality fashion… HURR is giving lenders the chance to monetise their pieces, and renters the chance to shine in them for a fraction of their retail price.”

Erika Dress, from £71.99 | Ilta

Léa Dress in Serpent de Nuit, from £171 | New Arrivals

“By Empowering Women To Extend The Lifespan Of Their Wardrobes, We’re Sending Fashion Round In Circles – One Rental At A Time.”

Roxana Dress, from £35.37 | Sabina Musayev

Sequin Mini Skirt, from £61.52 | The Own Studio


Medusa Bangle, from £44.53 | Alighieri


Shanti Clutch, from £46.21 | Cult Gaia


Numero Neuf, from £45.08 | Polène


Gabrielle Dress in Chez Castelle, from £56.46 | New Arrivals


Maze Dress, from £43.36 | Sabina Musayev


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