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When it comes to the restaurant and gastronomy scene, London is one of the top cities in the world. With 69 Michelin star restaurants to date and hundreds of other outstanding restaurants, we have drawn up the perfect list of the Best Tasting Menus in London including the best Vegan and Vegetarian Tasting Menus in London you need to try. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or simply just because, tasting menus are the best way to sample the full culinary range of a restaurant.

Best Tasting Menus in London


Nobu seldom needs an introduction. Co-founded by none other than Robert De Niro, the line of restaurants and hotels is a must try at least once in your life. The outstanding service and incredible quality of all the dishes goes a long way to explaining the popularity of Nobu. From the moment you step through the door, the experience is like none-other, the Omakase Tasting Menu at their London Old Park Lane location is no exception. If you’re a fan of Japanese food, then this tasting menu should definitely be top of your list.

Best Tasting Menus In London Nobu
Nobu Park Lane Tasting Menu
Nobu Park Lane Omakase Tasting Menu


This isn’t the first time we have featured Core by Clare Smyth and there’s a very good reason for this (Read more: Best Restaurants In Notting Hill/ The Best Female Chefs in London). The experience here is nothing short of extraordinary with an unmatched attention to detail and some truly incredible flavours. Their tasting menus is a great way to experience the range of their dishes with selections such as their Roasted Cod or Crispy Veal Sweetbread. And if you’re feeling up for it, their wine selection is equally impressive with Head Sommelier Gareth Ferreira at the helm.

Best Tasting Menus In London Core
Best Tasting Menus In London Core by Clare Smyth


The two-star Michelin rated restaurant by Chef and founder Jeremy Chan prides itself on its West-African spice based cuisine around British micro-seasonality. Here you can expect tradition putting ingredients in their optimal state first but with an inventive modern twist. Don’t expect to see a detail of their tasting menu online, the seasonality of the ingredients makes for the element of surprise. The stunning interiors are also part of the experience here at Ikoyi and you will not be disappointed by the warm yet modern décor.

Best Tasting Menus In London Ikoyi
Ikoyi Tasting Menu London
Maureen Evans/ Ikoyi
Ikoyi Best Tasting Menus London
Maureen Evans/ Ikoyi
Ikoyi Tasting Menu London
Maureen Evans/ Ikoyi

La Dame De Pic

Brought to you by none other than Anne-Sophie Pic, the world’s most decorated female Michelin-starred chef. La Dame de Pic which holds two Michelin stars is located within the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square where you can expect French cuisine with unexpected flavour combinations. The emotion and sensitivity brought to every dish is something of a signature for Anne-Sophie Pic and you will be able to choose between three separate tasting menus: Lunch, Journey and Voyage.

Best Tasting Menus In London La Dame De Pic
La Dame De Pic Tasting Menu London
Best Tasting Menus in London La Dame De Pic
Best Tasting Menus in London La Dame De Pic


Another absolute-must try on the London gastronomy scene is the much acclaimed Sketch restaurant. Their Lecture Room and Library by chef Pierre Gagnaire is one of only 8 restaurants in the U.K holding 3 Michelin Stars. And from the moment you step through the doors, it’s no wonder why. The quality of the dishes and ingredients, the level of service, the composition of every plate that is placed in front of you feels like something out of a poetic novel.

Sketch Lecture Room & Library London
Sketch Lecture Room & Library London

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Tasting Menus in London

Pied À Terre

The longest standing Michelin Starred restaurant in the U.K, Pied À Terre is still owned and run by David Moore. They have recently gained an award for the No1 Vegan tasting experience in the U.K thanks to their Plant-Based Tasting Menu hence why they are top of our list of the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Tasting Menus in London. Their gourmet French cuisine is both fashionably elegant and influenced by Greek flavours thanks to the restaurant’s Head Chef Asimakis Chaniotis.

Pied À Terre Vegan Vegetarian Tasting Menu
Pied À Terre Plant Based Tasting Menu

Galvin La Chapelle

A real must-try if you’re looking for traditional yet modern French cuisine is the tasting menu at Galvin La Chapelle. With a Vegetarian and Vegan tasting menu on offer, you can expect at this one Michelin star restaurant fresh, seasonal and elevated dishes such as their Risotto Trompette, preserved lemon, winter truffle or their Maitake miso, parsley purée, finger lime.

You will find their Vegan and Vegetarian Tasting Menu here. And if you’re not looking for vegan or vegetarian options, you can also choose between their 5 course or 7 course tasting menus but for the price difference of only £15pp we highly recommend going all out.

Galvin La Chapelle Vegan Tasting Menu
Galvin La Chapelle Vegan Tasting Menu
Galvin La Chapelle Vegan Tasting Menu

Polen Street Social

The one Michelin Star restaurant Polen Street Social is last but definitely not least on our list of Best Tasting Menus in London. The restaurant first opened in April 2011 and was awarded its star within just six months of opening. The informal and social setting of this restaurant is part of its charm and the quality of its dishes is in part due to the quality of the ingredients selected as well as the team run by Jason Atherton and Head Chef Dale Bainbridge. On their Vegetarian Tasting Menu you can expect carefully put together dishes such as their Baked Roscoff onion, Highmoor cheese, sourdough, “French onion soup”, Black truffle juice.

Polen Street Social London Vegan Tasting Menu
Polen Street Social Jason Atherton and Dale Bainbridge


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