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If you’re like us and have a Pinterest board dedicated to manicure inspiration, you’re probably wondering what the next nail trends are for 2024. Luckily we’ve got you covered with tons of inspiration!

After spending the better part of 2020 and 2021 in lockdown attempting to DIY our own nails, many of us are now spending way more time than we would like to admit scrolling through social media and screenshotting the best nail inspo to show our nail technicians. Whether you’re a fan of super long dramatic nails or more low maintenance shorter look, we spoke to Paint Nails London‘s Creative Director Angel to answer all of our questions on nail care and trends.

How to Look After Your Nails

1. Moisturise

This can seem a bit of an obvious one but you need to be applying hand cream and cuticle oil several times a day. Hands tend to get a lot dryer than other areas on our body as they are constantly exposed to the environment around us. Dry hands often lead to dry/brittle nails and the dreaded hangnails. Speaking of hangnails, if you’re prone to them, you might want to add a cuticle cutter to your handbag to avoid biting them off!

2. Wear Gloves

Here’s something not many people know, nails are actually a lot more fragile when wet. When doing dishes or cleaning around the house, always make sure you wear rubber gloves. And when getting out of bath or shower, just be mindful not to use your nails too much for a bit. If attempting a home manicure, just make sure you file and shape them before softening your cuticles in water.

3. Take a Break

This is probably the most annoying one in the list for those of us who like our nails to be on point at all times. But if you’re used to getting repeated gel, acrylics or shellac manicures, you will want to take a break every so often to give your nails some very much needed respite. During this break, just make sure you’re mindful of how much you’re using your nails as they won’t have the protective coat of gel or shellac.

Minimalist Nail Trends

Chances are, if you’re a fan of a low maintenance look and want to feel effortlessly cool, you’ll like the minimalist nail trend. Minimalist manicure tend to look better on slightly shorter/medium nail lengths and a square shape although it would look good with any length or shape. It’s also a trend that is favoured by anyone who is a fan of a nice capsule wardrobe.

Here are 3 different looks to show your nail technician:

@betina_goldstein / @doublemossjewelry


Kintsugi Nail Trends

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form which consists of repairing and broken pottery using gold adhesive lacquer in order to not just mend it, but improve upon its perceived flaw. For the last couple of months, Kintsugi nails have been trending with several celebrities seen sporting the look.

Here are 2 different looks to show your nail technician:



Upscale French Nail Trends

French manicure had their moment but let’s face it, in 2024 we want a little more for our nails. If you’re looking for a nice classic with a little twist, this is the perfect manicure trend for you.

So whether you’re feeling colourful or feel like an inverted french manicure with the highlight colour along the cuticle bed, here are 4 different looks to show to your nail technician:





Tortoise Shell Nail Trends

Now this trend has been here for a while but we’re glad to say that it’s here to stay! It’s a very versatile look with a bit of an edge that looks effortlessly cool which is why it has made its way into our list of top 5 manicure trends to try in 2024.



Micro Manicure Nail Trends

Mix together randomised small nail art details with clean neutral nails and you got yourself a subtle trend that’s here to stay!





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