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Want to know how to make more money as a woman or make money fast in 2024? We spoke to International Business Strategist for entrepreneurs and author of Make Money Online, Lisa Johnson, about what women need to know about making money in 2024 and beyond.

Women Making Money

“I never saw being a woman as any kind of block to becoming successful as an entrepreneur,” says Lisa. “Although having said that, my journey to starting my own business was perhaps an unconventional one. I started a wedding planning business because I liked parties, then realised I would have to work every weekend through the summer. This wasn’t tenable, so having done well to get fully booked as a planner, I started to monetise the advice I was offering for free to fellow wedding planners at that stage. This was the first tentative step to becoming a coach and strategist.

“The majority of my clients were female. The majority of my mentors and inspirational figures who I followed were female. So although I have always been tenacious and confident in my ability to succeed, perhaps my circumstances and the world I inhabited in the online space played a part in inspiring me without demotivating me.”

Female Founders are Thriving

“I have definitely have seen a growing recognition across the board of the untapped potential and all round benefits of women’s entrepreneurship,” says Lisa. “There are lots more organisations and initiatives than there used to be that support and empower women entrepreneurs, providing mentorship, networking opportunities, access to capital, and tailored resources. Women are inherently determined and resilient and with the right support, women are thriving as entrepreneurs.

“I feel privileged to be surrounded by so many inspirational women, who are helping to create a more vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“That’s not to say we have a perfectly level playing field yet and there are most certainly sectors where the balance is more even than others, so there are still some unique considerations and challenges that we need to be aware of.”

Lisa Johnson is a multi-seven-figure Global Business Strategist for entrepreneurs

How women can make money in 2024

Lisa Johnson shares her top money-making tips for women wanting to make money below…

Know your worth – always

Do not doubt yourself and be sure to maintain your belief no matter what is thrown at you. Recognise your value and capabilities. Understand that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed on your terms.

Overcome any self-limiting beliefs

Women often face expectations that can easily impact on their chances of success. Challenge these beliefs and embrace your potential.


Take opportunities for education, whether this be watching a free training or listening to a podcast or anything that will enhance your reach and your earning potential.

Don’t become fixated on arbitrary financial goals

There is so much talk of hitting six figures or seven figures, but these amounts can never be ‘one size fits all’. Set realistic targets that reflect what you want to achieve.

Keep your real friends close

If you do start to become successful, you will encounter some people who want to be ‘seen’ with you. Your real friends won’t care about your bank balance. They are your friends because of who you are not what you have.

Work on your money mindset

Do not be afraid to invest money to make money. Rather than thinking something is too expensive think about how you can make the money to fund the purchase.

Step out of your comfort zone into your zone of genius.

Use what you know best as the foundation for your business. And don’t worry if other people are doing it. They will not be doing it in the way you do it – just think of how many hairdressers there are on the average high street!

Ignore ‘Imposter Syndrome

I don’t actually believe this exists, and do not use this term. More accurately it’s ‘they’ve been doing longer than me’ syndrome. This doesn’t mean they can match your energy, your skillset or your enthusiasm.

Find your work-life balance

Balancing work and personal life is so important for your mental and physical well-being. Get your self care sorted, set boundaries, and establish a support system to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Invest in yourself

Allow time and resources for self-improvement. Nurture and grow your skills, build your personal brand, and invest in your physical and mental well-being. Continuous self-development enhances your confidence and opens up new possibilities.

‘Make Money Online: Halve your hours, double your earnings & love your life’ by Lisa Johnson is available to buy on Amazon now.


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